EOD Surface Temperature Exercise

Data Gathering and Graphing Elements of an EOD Surface Temperature Exercise

Author: Rick Landenberger   Affiliation: West VirginiaView   Date: 30 Apr 2013
Audience: Middle School   Course Material: Yes
Description: This video models the data acquisition and data graphing elements of an Earth Observation Day (EOD) Surface Temp exercise. The video describes a surface temperature study of asphalt and grass cover types in the Morgantown, WV area. It also uses data from the the Landsat 5 satellite sensor to assess temperature patterns in the same locations that were sampled on Earth Observation Day (the Landsat data is from a previous year however). While the exercise was conducted in West Virginia, it could easily be duplicated in other regions as well.
Keywords: GLOBE, Earth Observation Day, SATELLITES, surface temperature, GPS, Infrared thermometers
Skill Level: Introductory   Discipline: Earth Science   Imagery: Landsat 4-7
Software Requirements: Google Earth, Web Browser, Other   Other Software: access to the GLOBE web site to upload data
Special Materials: GPS unit, Infrared thermometer, cloud chart and other GLOBE-related background materials and protocols
AV Resources Used: Yes   Download Access: Public
Text URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b0xeRssYLIU

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