Imagery and Data

StateViews provide data archives or links to Landsat and other public domain imagery depending on the needs of the specific state. To avoid duplication of efforts, StateViews usually do not replicate the data in public domain archives provided by state partners, the USGS, and other state and federal agencies such as NASA and NOAA. The USGS now offers freely accessible data archives via GloVis and Earth Explorer.

Through our partners and cooperators, AmericaView offers access to several federal and commercial data products including a variety from our partners at WisconsinView and IndianaView.mt_p37r27_20020730

Our primary data archives, comprised of public domain data such as Landsat and MODIS, are housed at StateView web sites and can be accessed by browsing to the StateView of interest. The StateView links are located here.

Chesapeakeview Image LinkChesapeakeView is the first regional, multi-state AmericaView data access initiative and is a collaborative project lead by our PennsylvaniaView partner at Penn State. The project is supported by StateView partners within the Chesapeake Bay watershed – MarylandView, New York View, PennsylvaniaView, VirginiaView, and West Virginia View. The purpose of ChesapeakeView is to facilitate access to existing public domain raster data and derived products covering the Chesapeake Bay region. The effort seeks to highlight and make easily available the rapidly growing data resources of local, state, and federal agencies, academics, and non-profit organizations in the Chesapeake Bay region.