The AmericaView Multi-State Server (AVMSS) is a shared resource owned and operated by and for members of the AmericaView Remote Sensing Consortium. Its purpose is to provide a test bed for the development and testing of web-mapping technologies. It also serves as a resource for AV members wishing to host geospatial web content but lacking the technology to do so within their own departments.  


AV MSS was funded in 2012 by mutual agreement of 10 AmericaView(AV) members, each contributing a portion of their AV budgets to finance the project.  The original configuration was completed by AlaskaView before the hardware was shipped to Texas.  Since then, the AVMSS has been maintained by TexasView and hosted by Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, TX.  In 2016, the server was reconfigured and updated with the latest version of CentOS 7.


AVMSS runs Centos 7 configured as a Virtual Machine (VM) Server.  The base OS hosts an Apache 2 webserver and associated applications.  Specific VMs are configured as needed for hosted projects.  AmericaView members  may contact the AVMSS Administrator to request hosting of AmericaView projects.