Imagery Analysis With R

By Rick Lawrence*1, Shannon Savage1, Emma Bode1, John Long2

*Corresponding author: PO Box 173120, Bozeman, Montana 59717,   1Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana  2Northern State University, Aberdeen, South Dakota

More statistical methods are being used in remote sensing analyses than ever before.  We present an approach using R.  There are several advantages to using R.  First, the “raster” package in R provides the ability to readily handle a wide range of commonly used raster formats within an advanced statistical framework.  Second, a large number of statistical methods are available within R for creating predictive models.  A third important advantage we have found in using R is the “caret” package.  While we present an approach using R, in no way do we purport to suggest that it is the only, or even the best, software solution.  Users are encouraged to read our PDF documentation before running the scrips offered below.

Scripts (to download, right click and save link as a .R file)