Urban and Rural Land Cover

  1. Contact information for the data set: Public, but generated by the University of Vermont Spatial Analysis Laboratory
  2. General location of data set:
    • Allegheny County, PA
    • Anne Arundel County, MD
    • Baltimore City, MD
    • Baltimore County, MD
    • Howard County, MD
    • Jefferson County, VA
    • Lancaster County, PA
    • Montgomery County, MD
    • Philadelphia, PA
    • Prince George’s County, MD
    • Syracuse, NY
    • Washington DC
  3. General landscape type: Mixed
  4. Number of reference samples: Complete land cover generated though OBIA then subjected to detailed, manual editing. Overall accuracy ranges from 94% to 99%
  5. Approximate area over which samples are distributed: Complete coverage
  6. Response design: n/a
  7. Sampling design: n/a
  8. Attributes recorded for each sample: Seven land cover classes: tree canopy, grass/shrub, bare soil, water, buildings, roads/railroads, other paved
  9. How attributes were determined: Photo interpretation
  10. Date of the data collection: Varies by geography
  11. Imagery available: Most areas have 4-band NAIP and LiDAR
  12. Other information: The data are 1m resolution contiguous land cover data.