AVIRIS Indian Pine

  1. Contact information for the data set:
  2. General location of data set: Western Tippecanoe County, Indiana (87 .01111 W, 40.46111 N)
  3. General landscape type: Agricultural
  4. Number of reference samples: Approximately 10,000 samples
  5. Approximate area over which samples are distributed: 2.5 km by 2.5 km
  6. Response design: The equivalent points in the image are described in a “ground reference” image of the same size, shape and pixel size.
  7. Sampling design: Data were collect by walking the fields in the image. Plant species, height and tillage practice were recorded along with photos of sites in the field. These data could also be made available by scanning the pages in the notebook that they are currently in.
  8. Attributes recorded for each sample: Dominant land cover class along with specification of no till, minimum till and clean till. The data were collected as part of a residue study.
  9. How attributes were determined: Field visit.
  10. Date of the data collection: June 12, 1992
  11. Imagery available:
    • The parent image is 25 miles by 6 miles in size and is also available. Many of the fields are identified in this image using a drive-by method.
    • Reference image for above: http://engineering.purdue.edu/~biehl/av920612_NS_line_gr.zip
  12. Other information: The hyperspectral image that the reference data was collected for is a 220 band AVIRIS image with approximately 20-meter pixels.