Header 1 – Reserved

The header sizes are relative so they display nicely on a device.  Not recommend because same size as page titles.

Header 2 – Example

Consider using Header 2 for most major headings. (smaller font size than the title page.)  Please do not change the font, color or size of the text on the pages you are editing.  We will use the style sheet to make changes to font size and color.  It is fine to use bold, italic, underline.

Header 3 – Example

Example of paragraph text.

Header 4 – Example

Example of paragraph text.

Header 5 – Example

Below line is inserted by clicking horizontal line.

Example Text

  • Bold text
  • Italic 
  • Underline
  • Normal text
  • Hyperlink

Changing Format

To clear all formatting, highlight the text and click the eraser icon.

There are several ways to change the format:

  1. Pull down menu and select paragraph or heading type
  2. Click on Formats.
  3. Click the icons (for example bold, underline, ordered list) similar to formatting in word.

Best Practices

  • When we cut and paste text content into a new page on our new site, we should always “paste as plain text” when that option is available or “past to match style” rather than simply “paste” which usually brings old styling over that we don’t want.
  • All images we want to use in our webpages on the new site should be uploaded to our media library in WordPress.
  • On the “Dashboard” of WordPress (menu items on the left of your browser window) there is an item titled “Media” with pop-out options for “Library” and “Add New”. Explore both of those. “Library” shows you what we have already uploaded and made available. “Add New”… well, its for adding new images to our library if you know we don’t already have it in the library. You can also “add new” from within the library. Once images or other media are in the Library they should be added to webpages using the tool bar in the page editing tools (large button that says “add media”).
  • Preferred width of photos (to be determined.  small, medium and large based on width)
  • Hyperlinks that open an external page (i.e. not an americaview.org page) should be opened in a new tab.  Once you highlight the text, click on the insert/edit link icon.   Then click the settings icon (link options) and check open link in new tab.   For example, Simple Word Press tutorial opens in a new tab.