Mission and Objectives

Mission Statement

AmericaView is a nationwide, university-based, and state-implemented consortium advancing the widespread use of remote sensing data and technology through education and outreach, workforce development, applied research, and technology transfer to the public and private sectors.

(Mission Statement revised by AV Board in 2014)


AmericaView is a locally controlled and nationally coordinated program…

AmericaView will develop remote sensing consortia in each participating state, such that the organization becomes a nationally coordinated consortium of locally controlled state-level consortia.

to advance the availability, timely distribution, and widespread use of remote sensing data and technology…

AmericaView, in cooperation with data providers, will expand the number of available sensor data sets in standard ready-to-use formats and make them available to public agencies, educational institutions, and commercial entities in every state through appropriate license agreements and data/product access fees.

AmericaView and Partners will work with data providers to establish a national infrastructure for data flow that will:

  1. Provide efficient storage, access, and real-time data delivery mechanisms, and
  2. Enable cost-effective and timely distribution of data and data products.


AmericaView Members:

  1. Advance education by providing remote sensing training and tools for educators at the K-12 and higher levels;
  2. Expand knowledge and appreciation of remote sensing by engaging the public and private sectors;
  3. Coordinate Earth Observation Day, an annual nationwide event that celebrates the value of Earth remote sensing.

(Education Objective revised by AV Board in 2014)


AmericaView Partners will:

  1. Foster applications research by providing a mechanism for consortia to support grants and contracts to universities and private and public partnerships;
  2. Build partnerships with state and local government entities to identify unique research and development needs, foster remote sensing pilot projects, and to establish longer term opportunities for transfer of remote sensing technologies, applications, and research into the public sector;
  3. Begin research and development efforts on technical means to use high-resolution system data for locally valuable information products that can be used to build a consumer base for these systems.


AmericaView will establish a public relations effort to:

  1. Establish an AmericaView identity and keep Congress and the executive branch informed of AV’s accomplishments;
  2. Seek national participation from states, tribal entities, and territories of the United States;
  3. Expand knowledge and use of remote sensing data and data products through outreach programs that facilitate training of existing workforce through workshops and other training opportunities;
  4. Promote cooperation, and sharing of expertise and remote sensing technology among and within participating states.

and sustainable technology transfer to the public and private sectors.

AmericaView will advance that objective through:

  1. Education
  2. Outreach, and
  3. Research activities with its partners.

All of the above support the 2002 Charter Statement with revisions as noted.